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Whats On At Living Waters

We meet throughout the week to encourage each other and grow in faith. 

Sunday Morning Meetings


Mid-Week Bible Study

Bible discussion group

Praise Evenings


Sunday Morning Meetings

Meeting at Cwmdauddwr Community Hall, we share time together over initial refreshments, join in worship and prayer, and listen to a prepared message from our speaker.


Children are encouraged to participate in the children's focus and attend their dedicated teaching time during the main meeting. 

We meet at 10:15 for a 10:30 start. Finish usually between 11:30 ad 12:00. 

Stay afterwards for more refreshments and chat. 

We have a monthly schedule of mid week meetings which provide an opportunity to catch up as a community and share life events, as well as read and study the bible. 

We meet online twice a month, in person once a month and on the rare 5 week months- have a social meet up with food and fellowship. 


Mid-Week Bible Study


Praise and Worship Evenings

We meet through the month for evenings of praise and prayer. 

These provide valuable time for reflection and worship that can be difficult on Sunday mornings, held in a relaxed and homely environment. 

All (adults!) are welcome. Join in with the music, sit and listen or share a scripture or vision. 

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