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Contemporary Church.
Traditional Values.

Let’s not beat about the (burning) bush- church can be dull.


People hear ‘Church’ and envision draughty old buildings, drab organ music and a small group of pensioners huddled in the corner.

Regardless of whether this perception is a reality,  we understand that this can seem unapproachable, uninviting, or just unhelpful. 

That’s why you’ll find that while we have traditional values within our church, our approach is rather different.


  • Bible based and led

  • Open to the Holy Spirit

  • Based on theological teaching

  • Challenges and facilitates personal growth


  • All are welcome

  • We support each other

  • Encourage personal growth

  • Spend time with each other


  • Low-key and informal

  • ​Offers a chance to encounter the Holy Spirit

  • Is an expression of faith

  • Provides an opportunity to learn


Our Story

The Journey So Far

Living Waters Community Church was started by Miri, Mike, Jon, Susie and a handful of other friends in 2019 after meeting informally for weekly BBQ and bible. 

While the frequency of BBQ's has reduced since then, the meetings have flourished and developed into what is now Living Waters Community Church.


As a non-denominational church we aren't interested in dogmatic tradition. 

We believe in the teachings of the bible, and are aligned with the declarations within the Apostle's Creed. 

We believe in the Holy Trinity, in Christs' sacrifice, adult baptism and life everlasting with God and Christ in heaven. 

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