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Your Local Church, Redefined

We help our local community to know the Lord and the life changing power of his love and provision. 

Your Church

Whether you have an established faith, are exploring Christianity for the first time, or are somewhere in between- it can be daunting to attend a new church. 


Here’s what you can expect when you visit Living Waters Church.

Friendly Welcome

Before we begin our Sunday Worship we have a short time of fellowship.


Whether you’re on your own, or bringing the whole family, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and not left on your own (unless you want to be!). 

Relaxed Worship

Our Sunday Morning Services include praise and prayer lead by our worship team.


You can forget smoke machines and stage lights- but look forward to a time of praise and reflection.


Informative Teaching

We meet not only to praise but to learn and grow in our faith.


You can expect bible based teaching and a period of discussion to reflect on the message- you can choose to be as involved as you like.

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